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Welcome to Art by Shawn Collins, where I create in a breathtaking ocean view setting. It has been a long, rewarding journey to finally live the life I’ve always dreamed of, seeing things as I envisioned.

Art, to me, is more than just colors and shapes on canvas; it is the culmination of our experiences, the reflection of our mental and emotional worlds. On this site, I will delve deeper into the artistic process, sharing the profound well of creativity that resides within.

Having lived on the Central Coast since 1985, my time spent running a family business in the construction and home-related field allowed me to develop my design skills and appreciate the aesthetics of our world.

Encouraging my young daughter in her artistry back in 2009 sparked my own artistic journey. Having previously worked in the music industry, creativity comes naturally to me, and I continue to write and produce music for enjoyment and special events.

With a substantial body of work under my belt, I eventually opened an art gallery, where I promoted the belief that art and creativity can be healing and therapeutic. By studying the interaction between the left and right brain, I discovered the positive effects of embracing our creative abilities and how they can enhance our lives. I curated art classes for individuals of all ages and showcased the work of talented artists through various exhibitions.

In recent years, I have also found excitement in racing my self-built Porsche, which stands as a testament to both my artistic skill and love for speed.

As an abstract expressionist artist, I meticulously focus on the interplay between colors and their flow within my works. What I create only exists in the realm of imagination, and I offer both existing original pieces and prints for sale, as well as accepting commissions. The beautiful environment in which I work never fails to inspire me, and my hope is to bring beauty and color into whichever space you desire to fill.


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